Aug 26, 2010

back to the world

Hello everybody? What’s new here in blog world?

As you can see, I am back to blog world now and trying to catch up everything that I missed up here. I would love to start to blog about our Scotland vacation, Philippine one month vacation, the important thing that I’m doing right now but sorry to tell that I can’t still tell it now. Of course I will blog anything and everything that are happening in my daily life.

I hope that my loyal and friendly bloggers friend are still here and ready to accept my come back.

See you all guys so often here and hoping to have an exchange hello's to all.

I would gladly welcome back myself and good luck again for me.


roffe said...

Hej granne, jag mår bra. My vacation last only three weeks this year, too much work at my office (normally six weeks).
Ha en trevelig höst...

MarlyMS said...

Welcome back Jenny!
Happy blogging again :)
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Bundles Of Joy
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David Funk said...

Hi Jenny!

Welcome back to the blogging community. I'm not nearly as active with it these days, and that is due to my work schedule which includes lots of traveling.

And I'm ready to hear about your vacations that you took recently.

Best wishes dear friend!

Jenny said...

thanks guys for wlecoming me back here in blog world. i miss bogging...