Aug 31, 2010

our party

Christmas was seemed like yesterday. Time goes very fast and we didn't even notice that it's ber month already. September, October, November (Halloween month) and December…

Starting October, there will be a lot of celebrations until end of December. I was born the month of November and we used to have Halloween party before celebrating my day. This time around we just want to celebrate my day together with our Halloween party so that we can less expenses and at the same time, we can use my budget to our Halloween party.

Our party will be different from our past parties. This time around would be more
Special Effects Contacts , more exciting scary creatures and of course more hide and seek games.

We are hoping to finish all the preparation before end of October so that on our part day which is November 1, everything would be ready and done. I'm excited at the same time worried because it would be so much work and time.

Of course we're working together, helping each other and all of us are hoping for the best party and results. Gladly, we’re almost ready about anything.. Good luck to all of us guys.

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