Aug 26, 2010

photo albums

As I posted last month, I wasn't able to visit and post in my blog due to some important things that I am focusing with "until now"...

Just two days ago me and my husband came home from our one month vacation from my homeland Philippines. Before that, we were also in Scotland for few days vacations.

As my husband always questioned me, why do almost all Filipina really loves to take pictures wherever they go? At first I was not really aware that I am one of those Filipina who loves to take pictures. I know I love to take pictures…
Until when I looked at my computer and checked all my pictures from the time I met my husband seems too many to count... I had computer problems yesterday and I was so afraid that my saved pictures and some other documents would be gone if my computer would crush. So I come to an end to print some of my pictures and put in large photo albums where I don’t need to worry if my computer went down.

I am looking for a big album where I can put as many as possible. Larges albums would be great for my thousand of pictures.

I am starting already to print some and hoping I can fill up my large albums soon...

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