Aug 27, 2010

Scotland moment

I and hubby had a few days vacation in Scotland before our Philippine vacation.

We stayed in a hotel where there was just few minutes walk to the malls, lovely restaurants, bars, nices places and the train station to Glasgow airport. We had some memorable times when we were in the bars. We encountered some unforgettable funny situations and scary.

Even if it was difficult to understand their English accent, but still I was happy in some ways because I could speak and understand them. Scotland is a lovely place and nice to spend some exciting vacation. We’re sure that we will be going back there someday.

These some of my pictures taken in some streets and bars in Scotland.

Happy weekend everyone!!!


Misalyn said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Enjoy your vacation in Pinas Jen.

Jenny said...

Thanks Lyn...i did have fun also in Pinas...

Dhemz said...

am loving all the pics sis....sporty kau!

Jenny said...

thanks sis..ganyan ako pag nagtatravel kami...heheh