Oct 21, 2010

CC: No Dear

Wow I cannot believe I’m back to Rodliz meme about couple’s life. But I better ask myself first if am I still welcome to post this meme? Hmmppp I don’t know. we'll see if mommy Liz will say yes or no... If yes then I would love to write all those weekly entries that I‘ve missed. Can you tell me those Liz?

Anyway, this week’s topic is about NO DEAR!!! Actually saying no to our partners doesn’t mean that they don’t or like about it. It’s just sometimes they have their own reasons that we sometimes don’t understand.
I and hubby always have our own NO's. My hubby is usually saying no to me when I want to buy something in our house. I mean some kinds of decorations (flowers, live plants, frames, etc.) His reasons are so many which makes me irritated sometimes.

He always said, No Dear because we don’t have enough place for that... No Dear, we have that already, No Dear, that's not fit in our place...and more NO's. But what can I do is just to listen to him...hehehe

But of course there were times that I got mad or angry because of his No. Of course if I really want something, sometimes I better not to tell him and just buy it for myself. Even he doesn’t like, at least I bought it myself and I would never return it...stubborn me also...

Not only material things that my hubby says No. Sometimes even just a simple Hi, kiss, hugs etc; he would say no especially if he's doing something important. But I understand.

So what more I can say about NO dear? I think it's enough... Hoping to be part of next week’s meme and love to write those meme's that I missed. Happy CC everyone…


Risma Hutabarat said...

I do pretty much like you, Jen :)
I mostly follow my hubby's NOs but sometimes I can be so stubborn also LoL

Mommy Liz said...

Ang drama mo ha.. hehehe! of course welcome ka mag post no! Kumusta na? Pareho ang hubbies natin pagdating sa mga gamit sa bahay, laging NO, kaya nga ako na lang mag isa ang namimili tapos pinapa pick up ko na lang sa kanyan kapag di kasya sa kotse ko. Nakakainis kasi kapag i oppose ang gusto ko. Hehehe! When it comes to my personal things, I don't even ask him, I will buy it then I will just show it to him..

Anonymous said...

Much respect upon this entry of yours. With regard to me, most "No's" are from me, usually about spending time with something else than family, as I came to a point where nearly nothing is more important to me.
Saying "No" to me, mainly for buying new books. Please have a good weekend you all.

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