Oct 12, 2010

floor problems

For some reason, our newly built-in tiles of our just finished house are broken. There are some fractions already that need to be replaced soon. We need some tile removal to remove some tiles that are broken already and just replace it. It’s horrible but we don’t know why it’s happened like that. As we know, we have chosen the good quality of tile and we even pay little extra for us to get the better one. We don’t know what to do to those tiles that are broken… Maybe it’s time for us to find some floor grinder to grind all the broken tiles and use it in some other things. Grind tiles can be use also to mix the cements or just use as walking stone. I’m sure especially in the province where it’s always raining, walking in some grind tiles or I can say turns into stone tiles are better that walking in the mud. After replacing our broken tiles, of course we must have polishes to polish our new tiles. One thing is good is concrete polishing. I can be very nice to have it… I’m hoping now that soon as we can, we can fix our floor problems so that the next time we will be there again, it will be beautiful and not dangerous.

1 comment:

Risma Hutabarat said...

Broken floor is not nice to look. Get it fixed, dear :)