Oct 30, 2010

new apartment

My husband been living in this apartment that we're living now for almost 20 years. Of course the apartment is still ok but it's really obvious that it’s old. And if the house is old, whatever cleaning I do, seems still dusty or dirty.

We've been planning to buy new apartment for the past years. And finally we bought new apartment today. It's not really far from where we're living now but the good thing about this new apartment is quieter and not really near the driving road. It’s expensive but it’s worth it for sure.

The apartment is still ongoing building it. It means that we cannot move soon. The estimated months that we can move would be on summer 2012. Gosh still long time but I’m already excited packing to move and arranging to our new apartment.

Time is quick as ticking of the clock…I'm excited for our new apartment...

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gingerSnaps said...

Happy Birthday Jen! I wish you the best of everything.