Oct 27, 2010

CC:I will do it tomorrow

Rodliz’s Nest

Yes its meme time once again and I’m looking forward to this. This would be my second entry since I was out of the pictures for many months.

This week topic is I WILL DO IT TOMORROW which is usual for me and my husband. I think it’s not only in our relationship but to others also, agree?

Of course as a wife, I tried my best to at least do my responsibilities but it doesn't mean that I don’t need help or what so ever. When it comes to cleaning our house, I used to ask my husband if he could help me at least vacuuming. Yes of course he used to say...but next time...hahaha

I will do it tomorrow or next week or when I’m not lazy is always my hubby's answered especially if I ask him to fix or arrange her letters shelf (bookshelf). I could understand if he's tired from work or if he's not feeling well...but I’ve been telling him years already but still it's not done yet. I even offered him that I could help fixing it...but still left undone until now.

Sometimes, instead of telling him or reminding him of what I supposed him to do, I could or better do it myself. Sometimes I found it exciting and I love fixing things but there were times also that I didn't do anything. So what…do it yourself!!!I used to say…

In spite of my hubby's "I will do it tomorrows" behavior still I keep on continuing and telling him to what I wanted him to do...

Happy meme everyone….


Clarissa said...

Buti nga kung lahat eh kaya nating gawin di ba?There are times nga naman that we need their help.Pano naman tayong mga babae nyan?Nakuu!!Mga husbands talaga lol!

Couple's Corner

Mel Cole said...

Hay naku Jen, me too, how I wish I have lots of hands or triplets of me so I can do lots of things at home. But hey, at least you have the knack, me, I keep my mind preoccupied on other things like crafts and blogging. I know, I'm such a bad wife these days but I will make it up when I'm done with my classes. :)

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simply kim said...

well, that's what being couple is all about, i guess. doing things and not doing things, but still stay together, lol!

Mommy Liz said...

Eheheh! you're right, you ar enot the only one who's dealing with that kind of situation. Lahat tayong mga couples eh dumadaan sa ganyang "I will do it tomorrow" hehehe. Si hubby rin, hay sus, daming mga "will do it later" tapos inabot na ng taon di pa rin nagawa, ganyang ganyan si hubby eh. hehehe.. but it's OK, minsan kasi naiinis lang sila kapag masyado nating kinukulit, di ba? kaya oks lang, tutal di naman urgent ang mga ibang dapat nilang gawin..