Oct 7, 2010

my sister in Sweden

My sister Marlyn arrived here in Sweden yesterday afternoon from her 3 stop over flights from Cyprus. She was very tired due to her late flights and she just had few minutes until her next flight. She was running in Czech Republic to catch her flight but thanks God at least she made it...

We came home together at around 14.00 and around 13.00 we went out directly to start our bonding together. Even if she was very tired we didn't really care. All we wanted was having fun... After few hours in the city, we went home and continue chatting at home.

Today was another scheduled. We went out and bought some things that we will need for our party on Saturday. After buying everything, just at home and cooked our spring rolls. And now we're just relaxing and of course chatting everything and anything under the dark night...

It's nice to be with my sister... It will be another bonding day tomorrow.

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