Jun 23, 2010

my program

When I was in my college days, I couldn't imagine how I could make some programs. I took computer programmer course which I thought it could be the most payable course because we could make one program that would cost some thousands.

But after my graduations, I never get paid some thousands from all the programs I made. I remember before that I didn't sleep all night just to finish the programs that some banks asked me.

After long years of waiting someone ask me to make some programs for their company. But this time around is the most difficult one I could ever imagine. I studied old computers version. And the one that I’m doing now is the new version which is very difficult. And the worst things are I even forgot some method on how to do a program.

I started already doing it but I miss some needed things for me to complete it. I need to have PDF which drive my brain crazy. Of course I will do anything for me to find this
search download and preview pdf for my on making program.

As of now, I’m almost done with my program and I hope they will be contented and satisfy of the results.


Rossel said...

hi! blog hopping today. have a nice day!

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