Jun 25, 2010

grilled pork

Sweden is celebrating “midsommar” this weekend and almost everybody are free from work and just be with the family, outing, spending time together and grilling.

I and hubby are just at home and spend our midsommar together. We just want to spend our time together, cooking, grilling and etc. Yesterday we grilled pork for our dinner. Hubby ate his grilled pork with a glass of beer and I ate mine with vegetables...

Today I and two of my friends went to “slottskogen”. I'll post about it tomorrow.

Ha en trevlig midsommar alla svenskar. Happy friday everyone.

P.S. All red color letters are Swedish words…


Dhemz said...

oh ah...oh gosh...kakagutom naman to sis....pede rice nalang sakin...ehehhee

btw, sana sali ka sa giveaway contest ko....:)

Jenny said...

hahaha as in laging gutom?hehehe. Of course pwede ka rice...lulutuan na alng kita kasi wala pa ako rice now eh

Anong giveaway contest...ok i will...ty

CyberBlogger said...

ummmmmm yummmy