Jun 11, 2010

an island outing

A friend of mine Sherry (Sister of Shella and mother of Alexandra) asked me few days ago if I would like to go with her and Alexandra to an island outing. Without any hesitations I said yes directly since I don’t have schools and I’m just at home.

So it was today’s outing but when I looked at the weather yesterday, I thought the outing would be cancelled because it would be raining today. But as Shella said, rain or shine the outing must go on. Sherry and Alexandra met me around 8.20 at the boat station. The boat should leave 9.00 and it’s only every hour. We arrived at the island knowing that the kids couldn’t swim due to the coldness.

So what have we done was just taking pictures, I’ve been to the water with the kids to find some empty shells, chatted with Sherry, ate and roamed around the island.To Shella, Sherry and Alexandra, thank you so much guys for inviting me to be a part of that unforgettable outing. Sherry thanks for the unbelievable stories of yours that some of them made me cry….hehehe. The cute and very sweet little girl Alexandra you made me smile because of your cutie expressions and unexplainable sweetness. See you guys again soon. Happy weekend everyone and take care...