Jun 8, 2010

learning new language

To be in a place or country that has different languages makes people very difficult to communicate especially from the first month or year. In every country, there are people that couldn't speak English so of course you must at least understand even if you cannot speak it yet.

When I first came here in Sweden, I found myself so stupid and like a crazy one who didn't understand what they were talking about. I even called it the duck talk...But proud to say that after few months of learning their language, I could speak and understand them already.

I will be finished my Swedish subject this term and as of now I’m already starting to learn French. I found French is very interesting and unique languages so I enrolled in a French school here and hoping to start soon.

As of now, I just surfing the net some for French word and I even find a
service de traduction (translations services) to help me understand the words. There are lots of professional translation services which can help me learning French. I'm looking forward to learn French through the help of translation services.

I wish good luck for myself and hoping I can learn French fast likes my Swedish...

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