Jun 26, 2010

picnic at the park

I and my friends had a picnic at the park yesterday with their kid.

We met (supposedly) 11.00 but we're Filipina so we met 12.00.hahaha. I came first at our meeting area 11.10 am so I was waiting them for almost an hour.huh!!!Lina and Jen cooked our picnic foods. Jen informed me about that picnic late Thursday night so I didn't have time to buy and cook. I just brought with me soft drinks.We had so much fun. I played with the kids, chatted with my friends and ate the bundle of foods. When we came there, I was not really full of people but around 14.00, people are coming and suddenly, the park was full of people.

It's midsummer week so almost every family are together and having fun. (As I said to post). I went home earlier than Lina and Jen because I would be with my family also here in Sweden. Jen and Lina, tack för senast. Thank you so much for the delicious Filipino foods and for the good company together with your kids... Vi ses igen någon gång.


Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww...ang saya-saya.....:) dalaw din me dito sis....:)

Risma Hutabarat said...

Oh my God.. There're so many people out there, Jen. Can you still enjoy your picnic? (lol)

Nice pictures... Usually, I always runaway from direct sun shine. It will make my skin darker and give me the sun burn sensation.. Hahaha

Can't wait to hear stories about your Scotland vacation :-)
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