Sep 3, 2010

my driving lesson

When we were in Philippines, my husband brought up some suggestions to me which I never ignored or said no. I really wanted to do it since then.My husband suggested or open a topic about driving. I was very interested about it and excited at the same time. After our talked, we decided that I would take a driving lessons. Even if we knew that it would cost little bit expensive but still I enrolled and had my driving lessons.

My first day of driving was little bit weird and nervously. I drove directly the first minute we got in into the car. I was very afraid and I was shaking because my instructor instructed me to drive in some very traffic areas...
But after an hour later, I was confident and could drive without waiting my instructor’s instructions. At the end of my driving lessons, my instructor was impressed and can’t believe that I did all those important ways of driving in just few days.

Do you need a driver? You can hire me now...hehehe


JENIE=) said...

hi jen! great to learn new things...keep it up! and its a good idea to learn here in the ph because now you can drive anywhere!!! matinding training ground ang pinas sa driving hehe.

hope to see more of you. i missed you ;) nice to be back to blogging as well.

Jenny said...

Yes its great to learn new things and i'm happy of my achiements...

I'll be around more often Jen so we can exchange our hellos more often also..ehhehe