Nov 10, 2010

CC: 2 entries in a week

Rodliz’s Nest

First and foremost I would like to ask and apology to Liz for not posting my last week entry of Couple’s Corner. I said to her, I was out of the country to celebrate my birthday but I promised also that I would write last week entry together with this week. So I’m doing two entries in one it ok Liz?

Anyway, last week topic was about "Glimpse of Our Future (Pre-Wedding)"...hmmps that was very exciting and KILIG to think about our glimpse future. Before I came here in Sweden, I even thought that being with him would be the best thing happened in our couple life. I thought it would be impossible to be with him because he's from very far part of the world. We have different cultures and belief and we have different points of view.

When I was still in Philippines waiting for my visa, I was thinking of how many kids we could have, what kind of wedding we could have here in Sweden, what will be my morning with him, what would I do first directly I wake up..and so much was lots of thinking which some are already happened, some are not even any sign and some are happened in un-planned way.

Having a kid, don’t know yet...we don’t have baby until now... our wedding here in Sweden is what I really wanted. Simple and solemn with just his family and mine (sister only)...and the rest happens in different ways also.

I think KILIG thinking is always there even if we're living in our partners for many years...

HUH this week entry is what we have accomplished!! Oh well I don’t know if we have accomplished a lot. But I know and I feel that loving each other is the best accomplishment we could ever have as a couple.

Materially, maybe not too much but we're thankful that we have what we need for our daily life. There are things that we bought together, planned together and get the rewards together. There are also some things that we know it's not only emotionally accomplished but as well as physically.

I think it's enough now. It's getting very long now and maybe you'll get bored reading about it. This is for now. See you again next week. Happy couples corners every couple...


simply kim said...

i think THAT is something already. way to go, girl!

Mommy Liz said...

Kilig moment ba ang glimpse mo?? Lahat naman tayo eh kinikilig kapag nag de daydream about our love di ba?? normal yan..

Being together is your great accomplishment, it cannot be measured by money or any material thing..just remember that..Be happy and contented and you will feel accomplished..