Nov 25, 2010

CC: What We Are Thankful For

Rodliz’s Nest

Ya right! what we are thankful for? hmmmppp...

Anyway this week topic of Couple's Corner is what we are thankful for. Actually there are lots of things that i can thankful for and here are some.

  • I'm thankful that i have a loving and sweet husband. He's not perfect (nobody's perfect) but I'm happy and satisfied of him. Words cannot explain how much i love my husband.
  • I'm thankful because even if I'm very far from my family, still i manage to have contact and tried to be with them not personally but emotionally. I know I'm not a perfect sister or perfect daughter but I'm trying to be a good one.
  • Thankful for having a very nice and true person in laws. I know that i can count on them anytime...
  • Having true friends in this foreign land can be thankful as well. Friends who would be there for me not only in good times but maybe in times of needs also.True and loyal friends
  • Of course I'm thankful enough to all my friends who never forget me even if we're not seeing each other for long time. We still communicate and try to support each other (like we did before)... My totot gang (college friends).
  • To have foods in our table, can buy things that we want and do some shopping are things that i can thank for also.
  • Lastly I'm thankful that all of us are healthy, in good relation, and loving each other.
Thanks God for all the blessing that you gave us and still giving us. Happy thanks giving America.


Mommy Liz said...

Wow, you;re right, so much to be thankful for.. and of course, since you are grateful of all your blessings, God continuously giving you more. That's all He asks from us, to be thankful of what we have and not blame Him for what we don't have. Coz I believe that if he knows we need it, he will give it to us..

Andrea said...

I,too have much to be thankful for!