Nov 19, 2010

too long time

I just did my last national test on Monday in my Swedish subject and I’m still waiting for the results. This would be my last term for my Swedish schooling and it would be another stage of my school life.

I was supposed to enroll for college (university) here in Gothenburg but unfortunately I was late for the enrollment. So it means I need to wait half more year before I could start my college. I know that it's not easy to get a job here in Sweden if I don’t finish their school requirements so I must study.

I want to be a pre-school teacher and it would take too long time before I could have my profession. It would be 7 terms so that means 3½ years in school. I'll be turning 34 then when I finish but I don’t really mind. As long as I finish my course and can find job.

Being a pre-school teacher is not easy. It’s a tough job but I love kids so for sure I would love my profession and future work. It's long time but I’m ready to finish it until the end...


David Funk said...

Hey Jenny!

Jobs are tough to get anywhere no matter a person's education status, but that does help. Yes, being a teacher is no easy task, but can clearly tell your love for kids will suit you well.

Thanks for your recent comments on my latest blog entry.

Best wishes my friend!

Ging's said...

yah, same here in Netherlands, difficult to get a job if you don't know there language, huh...I need to study dutch language... But anyway, reading ur post jen reminds me the job I left before I miss teaching sa pinas :(