Nov 10, 2010

her 1st birthday

It’s our little Aquinnah’s 1st birthday today… Yes she’s turning one year old today. It seems just last week when my sister Gina struggles her pregnancy and now her baby celebrating her 1st year. Times goes very, very fast.

As Aquinnah’s birthday party, they celebrated it at Max Restaurant in Baclaran Roxas Boulevard with her hundred of guests. As I know, my sister Gina’s high school and college friends would come and join that celebration and after the Max resto party, they would continue at home.

How I wish I could be part of Aquinnah first birthday but unfortunately I couldn’t due to my school schedules and I’m very far…

Happy birthday little girl. I wish for you little angel good health always, good girl while she’s growing up, be a good daughter to her parents and have faith in God always. We love you baby and hope to see you again soon. I miss you.


Anonymous said...

May time and life treat her always kind. Happy Birthday from Athens, Greece.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aquinnah...
You are such a cute little girl.
May God bless you always

Happy Thursday, Jen

JENIE=) said...

belated happy birthday to both of you jen ;)

missing you!