Nov 13, 2010

Kaunas adventure

Last Nov. 03, I and hubby flew to Kaunas Lithuania for few days trip. It was fun and could never forget the adventure.
The day of my birthday I and hubby just roamed around the city to find some restaurants for my birthday dinner. We found some but unfortunately we didnt eat in that restaurant that we like to because they closed too early. Instead we moved to another resto which was pizza specialty. We ate there and had some glasses of drinks. The food that I ordered was not really my favorite but it was ok.
After our dinner we moved to another cafe to have some dessert and there I had my favorite mixed fruits with whipped cream.

My birthday was unforgettable and our few days in Kaunas were memorable. There were lots of historical places and markable bullets mark that we could still see. As you know Lithuania was part of Russia and it was war for 70 years ago (not exact years).

We'll love to go back there in Kaunas someday.

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S-H-Y said...

WOW ganda nmn ng place, at halatang lumang luma na..salamat sa pgvisit sa baby blog ko..add na din kita dun..