Nov 10, 2010

western furnitures

We just bought our new nest last week but we cannot move in right away because it would take few months to finish the constructions.

I'm very excited to move in and arrange our things in our new apartment. As of now since it will be a new house, we're searching and looking for some kinds of
western furniture to put on on our new apartment. Of course I want to be modern western furniture’s to make it difference from what we have now.

I know that it will take some times to get all the new furniture’s that we're planning to buy but for sure it will be worth of waiting and it will be perfect for our moving date their delivery date.

As of now, I have already chosen some of our planned furniture’s and they are looks so cute and beautifully designed. I love the color that I chose which it will be fit for the color of our new apartment.

As of now all I need to do is wait until our apartment’s done, order our new furniture’s and move in into our new nest. Huh I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the new apartment and our new western furniture’s.

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