Jun 1, 2011

I'm not qualify

I’m not in school but I’m busy fixing things for my next school term.

I mentioned here before about how difficult to get in to their university here. I enrolled and have been waiting for few months for the results. The results which I don’t know if I can start next term or I should need to take more subjects for me to qualify.

Just last Monday , I did get a notice about my application but it’s not direct to the point what they mean so I went there and asked personally what was all about. As usual they couldn’t answer me directly because they need to check their program and those I submitted them. But they promised to email me as soon as they checked.

Last night, I checked my email and found out that my university application is on hold due to some missing subjects. My Science and Technology from Philippines wasn’t enough for me to qualify for their system.

This means that I must take the “Naturkunskap A” before starting the university. It would take another 6 months but I have nothing to do is to take it otherwise, I couldn’t start university.

I felt sad and disappointed about it but nothing else I can do is to take it. Good thing also because the enrollment on Naturkunskap is still going on. I did enroll already through internet and just wait the results.

Living in this country is really not easy but I must be strong for my own future too.

Good day people.


laikka said...

uh..just go go..everything will be in order in a right time!

jhansson said...

hayyy tinatamad na ako... kaya lang wala na ako magagawa eh...need ko tapusin para makahanap work..