Jun 15, 2011

CC: As a father

Couple's Corner

I don’t know how can be my husband as a father. We don’t have baby so I don’t know yet. But i'm pretty sure he could be a best and good father.

As an uncle, I know a little. My husband siblings are 3. One sister and one brother and my hubby is the youngest. He’s the baby among his siblings. When it comes to his nieces, he’s a kind of never forgetting the special days of their lives.

He’ll always make sure that he would greet his nieces on their special days. Giving gifts is not usual on their family. Greetings is their gifts every occasion.

This month one of my husband niece will be celebrating her birthday and I would not be surprise if my husband just call her and or maybe just a text.

My husband brother is still single, so my husband only has two nieces. J. Sometimes in a weekend, we bonding together. We eat in the restaurants or at home with my sister in law, playing billiard, bowling or even just setting in a park and have a chat.

I love my husband’s nieces. They are so calm and shy. They have their own family too. Therese is 25 and Kristina is 23.

Happy father’s day to all father.


kimmy said...

the fact that he is such a nice and sweet uncle might indicate what kind of father he will be in the future..

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teJan said...

he's a good father I'm sure kung nagkataon.)

mine is up!

Mommy Liz said...

normally you can tell that they will be a good father the way they treat their nieces and nephew. They might be more lenient to their nieces or nephews and more strict to their kids but at the same way, they will be great fathers. So, when the time comes that you will have your own kids, I bet that your hubby will be a great dad..