Jun 24, 2011

Midsummer party

It’s Sweden midsummer today.

Midsummer is seemed like Christmas here in Sweden. No works, people are having party, meeting with friends and etc. All they think on this way is to have some fun.

I and hubby did celebrate in our own simple way. Since it’s my father death anniversary, we went to church to light candles and pray. After church, we took a walk in the park and went to grocery to buy some stuff for our midsummer foods.

We were very full after eating so we decided to take a nap and might be going out later tonight. But I’m too lazy for tonight so we decided to just stay at home and celebrated here at home.

Glad midsummer till alla och hoppas ni får en bra och roligh dag.

Happy weekend folks.


MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Jenny.

First, it's good that you've prayed for your father. I am sure that he's smiling down on you and your husband all the time.

It's been raining here in Söderhamn the whole day yesterday. Today, the weather's quite better but my boyfriend and I have just decided to stay indoors and spend time together watching lots of tv series and movies. We also spend time eating the whole day. :)

Ha en trevlig midsommar, Jenny!

jhansson said...

hindi pala nakapag party sa labas Ann? di bale at least meron kayo sa loob...

Lens Louse said...

Wew sa Slottskogen too?? kami sa trädgård lng pumunta hehe since ulan eh.