Jun 22, 2011

CC: Spoiled Brother

How is my husband as a brother? I could tell my husband is a good brother.

He’s a good brother for me because I saw it many times when we are on her sister’s house or when we meet his brother. His brother is living few hours’ drive from where we live so my husband makes sure that we visit his brother often. Sometimes he’s siblings treat him like a baby maybe because he’s the youngest.

When I asked his sister how was Lennart (my husband) when they were still kids, and my sister in law answered directly “spoiled from all of us”. I couldn’t believe he’s spoiled because I couldn’t see it myself.

But when I saw their pictures, I could see some things that I can think he was spoiled. My husband is not showy person to his family but he makes sure that he's always there when they need him. He's a good brother to his siblings.

Couple's Corner


ferry'zHOME said...

what a spoiler brother your hubby is...
Well I guess he just being generous to his siblings and that's a great thing, good thing that you have him as well...

>> happy CC ^_^
>> hope you could visit mine too

jhansson said...

yes he was and still is spoil to all of us....hehehe

tejan said...

hehheh..winkwink:)thats all i can say:)

mine is up kompis:)

kimmy said...

sounds like a nice brother to me..

care to visit MY ENTRY?

Mommy Liz said...

That's really good. Sometimes, not being showy is a lot better than being showy but when you need him the most, he can't be there to help di ba? You can see if they are good siblings kasi you can tell the way they talk, treat each other. You are blessed for having a husband like Lennart.