Nov 17, 2011

is abortion an option?

My school pressures me lately. I can say, I'm about to reach the climax for this term.

My last assignments in my religion subject was little sensitive. ABORTION is my topic and as a Christian I'm really against abortion.

But my teacher tried to explain to me why need to abort or why do they must to do so. In my opinion, abortion is not an option nor the best thing to do to avoid anything.

Personally, I don't have baby and I really want a baby. Why do they must abort? There are lot of things to do for not to abort the innocent baby. Why don't you just give birth the baby and maybe find someone to adopt.

But of course I'm not on their shoes. It's very sensitive topic and I just did my very best explanation about it. I just submitted yesterday and hoping I could get good grades on that.

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Laikka said...

itsnot anoption.. prove them your belief NO TO ABORTION!

Nancy said...

NO!You abort, you make no difference of those who murder people.

Abortion is absolutely inhuman so why do do?

Jenfamily said...

i'm totally NO to abortion too kaya nga medyo hindi ko like mga sinasabi ng teacher ko about it...pero my opinion is free to naman teacher ko to listen my isde about it..thanks God..:)

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Jen. Yup, abortion is a deep issue and just like you, if there's no health complication, I will not opt for abortion. But again, that's just me.

have a great day, jen!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

Dala ng kahirapan at hindi pa handa magkaanak kaya pinaaabort..