Nov 2, 2011

would be busy

I would be quiet busy from today until Saturday. Here are my little schedule..

Today: I must clean our little house for my upcoming little party on Friday and Saturday.

Tomorrow: I'll go to church and light a candle for my father remembering him on this "All saints day". And I'll pray and thanks God for the another year of my life. After church I'll go and do some shopping for what i would need on Friday and Saturday.

Friday: I'll go shopping again in the morning and prepare for the afternoon and for our dinner with family.

Saturday: Friends bonding again but this time around, eating bonding here at our crib. I'll cook for our lunch and for snack.

I hope i can manage to fix my beauty while doing all of these

Good luck to me and I'm sure everything would be fine. See you girl friends on Saturday.


SHY said...

See you and congrats for another years of your life..wish you a good health and more happiness in life. Just remember I am always here for you :)..

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

stay healthy para mo magawa lahat.....kumusta..