Nov 23, 2011

religions interview

What else I could say about my schools difficult assignments?

As I mentioned last week, I had this ABORTION assignments that made my brain drain. I thought that was the difficult one among all but I think the one that I am doing now is more difficult.

My religion subject is really killing me. I must submit my religions interview before Wednesday next week. And at this moment I never did my interview yet. At first I was assigned to do Buddhism and Islam interview but since I complained about Buddhism, I got the Christian.

So as of now I have my Christian and Islam religion. Happily, I asked my two friends if I could have some interview with them. It's no problem for them.

After interviewing I must also compare the two religions on their belief, differences and why is Islam or Christian. After comparing, I must also have my own point of view about it.

It's too much to do, right? Goodness I need "darna" power..hehehe

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