Nov 9, 2011

with my friends on my day

November 5 (Saturday) was my last day of my birthday celebrations. That was the time that I celebrated with my Filipina friends here in Sweden.

My husband suggested to just go to restaurants since there is already a new Filipino restaurants nearby but I prefer to cook for them. I love cooking so I told my husband to just help me buying all the things that I could need.

Saturday early morning I woke up before my alarm. I was maybe very excited to cooked again. I cook everyday but not as plenty as it was on Saturday. Since my call time was 12.00 noon, I made sure that I do finished all before the said time.

Around 11.00 am all the foods were ready. My husband just help me out of preparing the utensils. The first person came was Nheng who never expected she was the first then just half an hour later, came Sarah and Janet and then the rest.

I'll post more about that Saturday birthday celebrations. As of now, enjoy our pictures. Good day everyone.

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Jona said...

ang saya mukhang masarap mga food ;) happ bday...looks like you had a great one Jen :D