Sep 10, 2010

been to church

I've been living here in Sweden for more than 3 years now but I never been to any Catholic Church. I really felt guilty because there's one Catholic Church nearby our house but I haven’t a chance to just drop by and pray.

The church that I’ve been today is one of the well known churches here in our City. Almost all catholic friends that I’ve known, knows that church. So since today I don’t have schools and had nothing to do, I went to the church. It was no mass scheduled today so I just prayed and lighted some candles.

I felt so at peace when I was inside the very quiet church. I seem like really talking to God and Mama Mary. I felt so happy when I went out from the church. I was even silently singing while walking to the bus station.

I will not promise but I will try to go to church at least once a week.
It's good thing to do.


Wifey10 said...

wow, ur lucky nga there's a catholic church sa inyo at malapit pa, Ako dito I can't find any,malayo man o malapit but that doesn't hinder me to serve God. My husband is an evengelist so I go to there church every Sunday, I like it though their service is way different that what we catholic have. But still miss ko pa rin magsimba sa church natin, iba pa rin.

Risma Hutabarat said...

Indeed, the atmosphere in the church is really calming you down. But I believe, that God is everywhere, and not in church only. So, you don't need to feel that guilty for not being able to attend the weekly mass, dear. Especially when you're really have something really important to do..
Howdy, by the way?