Sep 7, 2010

meeting Aquinnah

One thing that I was excited about when we changed our tickets to Philippines (instead to Turkey) was meeting Gina's little girl Aquinnah. I really felt my excitement directly we landed at NAIA airport Manila.

I didn't meet them the first day due to we came there 1.00 AM and we just slept and woke up late afternoon. We were very tired that we didn't even eat breakfast and lunch. Instead we had heavy snack where it results to not eating dinner.I went to the house on the next day. My pasalubong was already packed from here in Sweden so I just pick it up from our baggage and went out. My hubby didn't go with me so I went there alone. I walked with little bit run for me to came home directly...hahah it was not helping actually.And there I go... Aquinnah was afraid of me and didn't even want to be with me. Of course I understand because she just saw me. But after few hours, here’s me and Aquinnah playing and laughing together.

I'm really amazed of our little girl. She's so cute and adorable in here cute simple smile...

More on Aquinnah and me on our bonding moment and etc.


Andrea said...

She is adorable!!

Jenny said...

thanks Andrea...she's so cute