Sep 16, 2010

happy birthday

Today is the day of our cute and new mommy sister Gina. Another number added to her age but she don't really mind it.

Gina is next to me. A small tribute about her. She was born like just a 1 liter bottle of coke, was always sick and had lots of different kind of sickness when she was a kid. She's the smallest among all of our siblings. But throughout all her difficulties, she survives and stays strong until now.

When she got pregnant of her little girl Aquinnah, seems all mama's difficulties when she was pregnant with Gina was Gina's also experiencing. Gina was almost bed rest all her pregnancy time but thanks God the baby was born healthy and strong.

Gina got her first trophy last Nov. 10 when Aquinnah's born. And she's very proud of everything she've been through even though it was hard times and good times.

To our dear sister, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I better not to write your age so that it's just secret...hahaha... Just stay strong (as you always do) despite of all the trials and hard times you have. And as I said, just smile, chin up and face your life as proud as you are...

I know that you're happy because of the happiness that your little girl brings into your daily life. But still I’m wishing you more happiness and good health as always... I love you even I don’t often tell you. Take care always...

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Mary Ann said...

Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do. Happy Sunday!