Sep 9, 2010

looking for a date?

I've known someone who is looking for a lifetime partner and she even asked me some help on how to find someone who will love her and accept her for being herself.

I met her many times and she became my friend. She told me about her experiences about her past boyfriends. I don’t really understand why some guys just aftering the girl thing than loving the girl dearly. My friend was starting to hate boys and her interest of getting married someday.

I couldn't just stay quiet and listened to her so what I did was helping her in my simple way. We both sat down in front of the computer and tried surfing some dating sites on the internet. At first it was difficult knowing that there’s lots of dating site on internet.

We're about to gave up and suddenly an interesting dating site was flashed on our computer screen. And we were very happy because this site is
asian dating site where lots of members are asian.

As of now, my friend has already serious online date from this asian site and seems the guy is very much serious about getting to know my friend.

They're planning to meet soon as possible for them to know well in person. I hope this will be my friend's time to shine about her love life.

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