Sep 8, 2010

mind your own business

I have a friend who's currently starting her own business. She's very much hands on on everything or every details of her business because she wants to be at least attractive and eye capture.

I known her for a quite long time and I know how perfectionist she is when it comes to her personal things and her business. As I knew, she started her first business last year and so far, it's really a good business. So since that first one was successful, she's on her way to her new branch.

As we all know, everything in the world now are high tech and advance. So of course my friend wants also to at least level up the advancement of the new world. Her business is basically focused on different cards. Like invitation cards, celebration cards, calling cards and even
personal business cards where she found it very interesting to do.

She really likes her business because aside of earning money, she likes also designing different cards and different color to make the cards attractive, light full and cute...

As of now, she’s aware of new technique but she’s happy of her nature of business where she usually uses her hands on decorating and putting some unique style on the order cards.

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