Sep 4, 2010

voted for the first time

Next week will be the Swedish elections and as early as of now, they already accepting voters to avoid long queue on the last day of elections. Unlike in the Philippines, it should be only one day of elections but here, is take weeks or so before the said date.

Today I did vote for the first time. Since I got my citizenship last April, I am able to vote also. I didn’t really know how I felt because it was my first time voting in my whole life. I never vote either when I was still in Philippines... It was take only few minutes and it was done…

I’m sure I did vote wisely. I conducted some interviews for some political party as part of my social study subject. My teacher assigned me the political party that I would interview and I’m thankful because my favorite party was assigned to me. .

All I can do now is to wait the results and hoping that my party will win. Same as my husband’s political party. Vote wisely Swedish people...