Dec 4, 2010

first job

At last i have work.

As you know guys, I’ve been living here in Sweden for almost 4 years and so far I never work yet (with pay). I did some on job training but it was part of my schooling. But this time around it’s serious and with pay. This is my first job.

I will start working in Gothenburg post office this coming Monday night. I’m really thankful to my friend Jennifer (Filipina) who helped me to work there. She was the one who referred me to her boss and thanks God I got the work.

It’s just extra work (not regular) but I’m really thankful and excited because I can experience working here in Sweden and of course it would be big help for me not only to learn more Swedish but to earn money also to help little to my hubby and maybe buys some Christmas gifts.

Thank you so much Jen for the opportunity. I know that I can count on you always. See you at work on Monday.

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