Dec 25, 2010

didn't celebrate Christmas Eve

Christmas is always… Christmas is everyday…Christmas is always in our hearts no matter what…

I and hubby didn’t really celebrate the Nuche Buena (Christmas Eve) as following the yearly traditions. As you know guys, my husband is in the hospital (until now) so we couldn’t celebrated at home. I have my Christmas tree at home but my husband is not.

Of course we were together but not the whole night because I’m not allowed to stay at the hospital. They have rules that visitors are just allowed between 14.00-19.00. I always there with my husband 5 hours every day. I bought simple gift for him and we ate dinner together.

After my visiting hours, I went home and finished the Christmas Eve alone, thinking and missing my husband so much. I and my husband will celebrate Christmas (maybe new year too) as soon as he comes home.

I want and praying is my husband’s fast recovery. I really hope he can come home soon.

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