Dec 13, 2010

school exams

I did talk already to all my teachers about the results of my end terms exams. One subject don’t know why but the rest are passed.

I'm thankful at least I did well to my other subjects but I still cannot believe of my one subject. I did passed all the exams and got a very good and high grades but I don’t know why I must continue few months next school term.

I talked to my teacher many times and asked why I should continue next term but she didn’t give me the exact reasons. She just said that it's better to continue next term. But why? I want a fix or valid reasons why I should continue...

I feel sick thinking about it. I think I did my very best asking my teacher about it. I know it's too late to act and action about this matter now. But all I want are answers of all my questions. HUH weird... whatever

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