Dec 23, 2010

longing my husband

My husband operated his left leg and left hand two days ago. It was a relief for me because I knew that it would at least less his pain after operations. Yesterday he did his first tried of walking after operations and after few days of lying in bed.

Today he’s been transferred to another hospital due to some holiday season reasons. The hospital will be close for few days.

As of now, it’s still pain but it’s not same painful as it was when it happened. The doctors said, he could go home on Monday if my husband would help himself also to get well. As I saw my husband today, he is really able to back to normal. He’s trying his best to walk of course with the help of rolling stool. So far, he’s doing very well. I’m very proud of his eagerness

All I want is he would be well and can come home before New Year. We could celebrate Christmas and New Year together as soon as he’s home.

I’m longing my husband to be home again and back to normal life. I miss him so much and I love him very dearly forever…

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Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes and a blessed Christmas for you all.

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