Dec 6, 2010

perfect resort

Sweden is absolutely cold now. Covered with snow and ice and minus degree temperatures every day. People cannot stop dreaming or thinking about going to some places where it is warm and there they can escape this cold weather here. As am I. I'm from a place where even winter is still warm. I cannot stop thinking about the lovely Philippines' weather. So wanted to spend the winter time in the Philippines.

Lately, hubby and I have been talking about our next vacation. A vacation where we could enjoy not only some warmer weather but also visit some place that we haven't yet been. A caribbean vacation is one thing we have been thinking about. With the great tropical island and so many possible destinations. A caribbean vacation would be the perfect way to relax plus have added the adventure of being a place we have never been to.

Still few months more to go until we can travel due to my hubby's work and my school and I’m also starting a new job soon. We are not really sure when we will be able to go, but I have been getting some information on caribbean vacations and the many different caribbean resorts that are available.

We have found some great caribbean vacations destinations in Jamaica, as well as the Bahamas, and Curacao in the southern Caribbean. Looks like a good option as well. We are thinking it would be fun to try scuba diving, and the Curacao resorts are great for diving because of the coral reef that is located just off shore. Then again we are both interested in visiting Jamaica, and have heard that the Negril Beach area on Jamaica's west coast is a beautiful spot as well, with miles of white sand beach and rock cliffs.

Just looking into the many great caribbean resorts makes me think of summer. It has me really looking forward to a resort vacation, I only hope we have time to follow through given the demands of our work.

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