Dec 2, 2010

it hurts!!!

It’s one month since we’ve been to Kaunas Lithuania and there was a small accident happened to me directly we landed at the airport. I slump on the floor and thought that my foot was broken. The whole time we were in Lithuania my foots was aching…(until now)

I went to the doctor to have checked. The first doctor couldn’t find out if there’s a damage bone in my foot. The doctor sent me to have an X-ray on my foot. After few days of waiting I got the result today stating that there is no bone damage on my foot.

I’m thankful about the results but I still don’t understand why is until now my foot is still aching and I couldn’t even walk straightly. It hurts especially when I go down the stairs.

What will I do? Its still hurts but I don’t know what to do…hellppppp

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