Mar 5, 2011

gym bonding

While we were in bed today after our snack, I and hubby notice that we’re gaining weight especially him. Of course it’s not surprisingly because he didn’t do anything. He can’t still do his daily routine because his leg operation is still pain.

So while we’re having conversation about dieting, it comes to our mind why shouldn’t we go to gym? Then we started looking gym here in our area. So far we have two choices. We’ll try to visit their gym before we start. It’s still few weeks maybe before we could start due to my husband’s situation.

As of now, I’m very excited especially my husband would pay little extra for me to have some extra group training. Thank you dear in advance. Looking forward for our gym bonding.


lerra said...

good idea..goodluck:)

Jenny Blogger said...

i todo na namin 'to..hehehe