Mar 14, 2011

weird weather

It was wet snowing couple of days ago. I’m looking forward for the sunny season but suddenly it was snowing. But it was just two days and the snow is gone. Was really weird weather…Even if it was snowing, I did go out. I was bored at home so I decided to just take a walk but I ended up in the mall. I was supposing to have a window shopping but I saw one boutique with 50% sale. I love sale. I found this orange sweater and even if I didn’t try in the store, I knew its fit me well.Directly I came home, I tried it and fit me well (as you can see in the picture). Another sweater that I can use at home when it’s cold season.

Happy Monday everyone.


diaper days said...

sana nagtext ka para sabay ako mg shopping hehe..anyway nice sweater you got!

Jenny Blogger said...

Favorite color ni Janet yan...

Actually nag iinarte lang ako niyan sa asawa ko kaya napaalis na wala sa ora..heheh