Mar 30, 2011

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Rodliz’s Nest

It’s Couple's Corner once again and I missed last week topic due to I couldn’t open my blog when we were in Turkey but as I said to Liz, I’ll make sure I can post it together with this week topic.

Last week was back in each other arms again as supposed the continuation of the other week topic. And this week is how we celebrated our togetherness.

As I said to my last post about when I cried like a river, it was the first time that my husband got really angry to me. But how did we back in each other arms again? Since it was my fault and I know that saying sorry could make us friends again, so I did the move. I did ask an apology for my stupidity and promised not to do it again. A simple sorry and a kiss would be just enough for a man like my husband who’s I know who truly love me. We’re back in each other arms again but how did we celebrate our togetherness?

Since we’re friends again, he invited me to go out and eat dinner in our favorite restaurants. Of course I didn’t say no or say anything. I just said “I would love to since I’m hungry of crying”…hahaha. So was there…We were in the restaurants and had our bunch of dinner and went home.

When we came home, we took a long hot bath, Sauna and took shower together to relax and feel fresh. After that…opppssss secret. It’s private matter…hahaha.

Eating, taking bath together, Sauna and shower together is always our things together. We both love it…

Saying sorry, asking an apology is seem so easy to do but it’s difficult to accept the mistakes that despite of the forgiveness, the damage is still done and couldn’t be back again.

The lesson for this thing is that, damage is done so be aware of what you do for what could be the results.


Mommy Liz said...

tama ka dun, kapag ikaw ang at fault, apologize, and though the damaged is done, just e sure not to do it next time, otherwise, the apology would be meaningless. I like the long hot bath and the action after that, wahahahha! Thanks for joining this week.

tejan said...

Wee..hehe. oi nice na lagi ni..ikaw ra ngbuhat? congrats sa new layie:)

f e R r y j H o i said...

ay yay yay!! hihi!! dapat talaga kung sino may mali sya ang mag pa kumbaba!!!
oh! diba?? after non may price ka!!! dinner and sauna!!! sang kapa!!!

Soulful said...

korek!that's why we have to be extra careful especially when the relationship is at stake coz whatever we said can not be unsaid and whatever we did can not be undone..

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

that;s really true sis...its really difficult saying sorry or admitting you're wrong after you were so insisting that you are right...but sometimes you need to swllow your pride for your relationship to work of...good thing that your hubby is very understanding and loves you more...

here's mine: