Mar 2, 2011

petty quarrels

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Petty Quarrels? Why not, right? This week topic is petty quarrels. Relationship without quarrels, fighting, yelling miss-understanding etc. is boring. Those things are just part in building a good relationship. Just don’t be too much and just control the temper for good the results.

I and hubby often have petty quarrels. Sometimes in just a simple word, we fight for it. I mean sometimes it was just joke for him but I take it seriously which results to quarreling.There were times that even just answering using my head and not YES would results in quarrels. Or pointing using my lips or even answering the questions without following. For instance, if my husband asks me what time my school is. I just answer kl. 9.00. It’s not enough for him. I should answer “My school starts at 9.00am until 12.00 at Hermod School. He wants me to answer completely so that he doesn’t need to follow up questioning. It’s annoying sometimes because typical Filipino behavior would just answer it shortly and waiting for the next questions. Peace pinoys…

Sometimes feel good to fight. This is one way also of showing that you care each other. Shouting or yelling is good for the heart. Haha maybe because you can express what you really feel than just keeping inside your heart which might result in to heart attach someday.

I tried not to be too much to my husband. To at least avoid quarrels but sometimes I’m just too stubborn and want to do everything I want and wanting him to follow me which isn’t not really good.

In a relationship, two persons involve must listen to each other. Giving and taking opinions are always good. I love my husband for being that kind of person who explained to me why he did that, why it was like that or why we fight.

Happy CC everyone.


gengen said...

Sabi nila the mor eyou have fights the more the love is there hehhe. ako spoiled sa hubby ko hehheh parang mga wife sa foreigners mostly spoiled hehehe. Mine is up too hope you viist.

Jenny Blogger said...

true..kasi alam natin na love tayo at hindi ipagpapalit kahit ano pa man tayo..hahha

lerra said...

eee..CC na pala...gawa muna ako sa akin..hhehe!

Mommy Liz said...

Hay naku, ang mga guys talaga need ng complete answer? eh pano yan, tayo pa namang mga Pinay, short mga answer. But know what? oks ang naman ang may misunderstanding, kasi dun kayo nag kakakilanlan ngmga differences nyo, but like what you said, wag lang sosobra di ba? kasi di na maganda yun, it can lead to separation na..

Soulful said...

hmmm.. matter of cultural differences?

Jona said...

Correct! ok lang mag-away it's natural but no foul words or hitting...happpy CC!
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AC said...

ganun pala yun? kailangan deretso agad? hehe... oo nga, tayo kaseng mga pinoy eh walang kusa kailimitan. alam na natin na may kasunod na tanong eh hihintayin pa talaga natin. ikaw naman, wag mo ng painitin ang ulo ni fafa... haha!!! sagot agad ng deretso! =)