Mar 11, 2011

Zachary Lylle

My brother Elezer’s second baby boy born last January 14, 2011. The baby is almost 2 months but it was just yesterday when I see him through pictures.

My sister Gina sent me our baby Zachary Lylle (Zacky is his nickname) pictures. He is so cute and chubby unlike his older brother Zheecky (Zheeck Leryelle) little skinny. They didn’t meet yet because Zheecky is in Manila now while Zhacky is in our province.

I cannot wait to see him personally hoping on May.

Here are some of our baby Zachary pictures.


Sendo said...

i must say an laki ng bata for just 2 months ^^ cute.. gusto ko na rin magkaron ng anak haha

Jenny Blogger said...

yes he in parang 5 months na daw tingnan..hahha cute di ba?heheh

ako din gusto ko ng baby pero hindi pa kami binibigyan ni Lord eh...