Mar 8, 2011

my sisters blog

It’s been 2 years since I started to blog. At first I was very much addicted that came to the point that I even set aside my school assignments. I found some good friends, I earned money and I encouraged some of my friends to blog.

I’m not satisfied of having one blog so I decided to make a new which is The way family can be. This is all about my big and happy family. I didn’t update it for a quite long time but just recently I’m back there and trying to catch up.

Not enough I make a new blog "Girls Bestfriend" which is all about girls favorites, addiction, and best friend. But it doesn’t mean that I would just post all about girls. Of course boys also.

Just today I did help my sister Annie and Gina about blogging. Annie’s blog is “A love is like a rose” which she posted her 3rd post. And Gina’s blog is My memories. I don’t know yet what kind of post they’re going to post. All I can assure is I would help them the best I can.

Happy blogging guys.


teJan said... addick gani pod na sila bantay ka..looy quin2x kay basin ma set! hehhe goodluck also

Jenny Blogger said...

ok lang ma addict sila. wala naman sila ginagawa sa bahay eh..hehehe