Mar 18, 2011

we're going to Turkey

Tomorrow I and my husband are flying to Alanya Turkey for a week vacation/relaxation.

It’s not long time ago since we’re out of Sweden. It was last November when we were in Lithuania and now here we are again flying to another country.

When I was on my high school days, I did represent Turkey two times but never in my wildest dream thought that I can go and be in that place.

We’ll be in Alanya Turkey for a week and hoping we could have a nice vacation there. The weather isn’t that warm nor cold. As I know it’s around 15 degrees there now.

I’m excited and for sure I would post and blog our few days of staying there. See you guys when I come back.

This would be our hotel


Laikka said...

wohooo..dayon na jud ang turkey...saon ta ani di diay ka bisita ni shynana sa ospital..heheh. sa balay nalng..:)

enjoy jenny!

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