May 12, 2011

busy week :)

I and hubby have been busy this week.

My husband used to wake up at 5.30 to go to work. When my hubby is at work, I go back to sleep and wake up latest 9. Before 11 my husband is preparing to go home from work. By that time I must ready myself too for our appointments for the day.

Monday: Hubby had doctor’s appointment. It was X-ray on his operated hand and leg and some important check up on his operations. .

Tuesday was another doctor’s appointment. That appointment is yearly check up. After check up, we went to an appliances store to buy something.

Wednesday was another appointment. This time it was 1.30 pm but we went there early because we didn’t know where exactly. This meeting was all about our new apartment. I’ll post next time what was the meeting and what we had agreed.

Thursday, (today) my husband is working and we’ll have another meeting for additional things in our new apartment at 3pm.

And lastly tomorrow, after my husband’s work, we will drive almost 2 hours to a store name Ullared to buy some house stuff.

Huh what a busy week but it’s ok. At least I have something to do than just at home doing nothing.

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