May 25, 2011

CC: Sister/Friend

How am I as a sister/friend? This is the topic for couple’s corner this week.

Actually I left an off line messages to my siblings asking what kind of sister I am. But unfortunately I don’t get any reply…hehehe. Am I bad or what?

Anyway, I am a sister who did everything to help my siblings. I was working to support my sister and brother’s schooling. I helped them in a way that sometimes I forgot myself.

Helping them sometimes hurts me. I mean because maybe I’m spoiling them so much. Helping them doesn’t mean that I want them to help or pay me back. Sometimes simple thank you or appreciation would feel me very happy. But why sometimes it’s difficult to understand them? Or I might be thinking or wanting too much from them.

Being very far from my siblings doesn’t mean that I stop helping them. Not all their materialistic things but emotionally.

As a friend, I don’t really know. All I can say is, I can be your true friend if you’re true to me too. Sometimes, being me as a friend doesn’t matter anymore. I encountered (may times) a “friend” who just took advantage my kindness but at the end, I’m the “bad” one. I don’t know why.

I don’t really know what they mean. But to those who know Tejan and Shy, you better ask them what kind of friend I am. They are my friends since I came here in Sweden. Way back in Philippines, all they could say, I’m a good friend, thoughtful, helpful and very fun to be with.

My husband words to me are: as a sister and as a friend, I’m the best sister my siblings could ever have. Generous, thoughtful, and loving sister. As a friend: I can be your bestfriend. No one can be as nice friend as you. (That’s my husband’s words)…

I might be wrong describing me as a sister and a friend. But as I know myself, I am who I am… Take it or leave? Happy CC everyone.

Couple's Corner


kim said...

i think that's what being a sister is all about. helping out and loving your family unconditionally..

MY ENTRY is up!

Unknown said...

ganon naman talaga Sis!! dapat through thick and thin, the bonding should be there all the time!!!

Gin Hansson said...

@Khim...kaya nga eh kahit malayo hala segi tuloy ang pagtulong..

Gin Hansson said...

@Fer...para nga raw yan mag asawa eh...forever together..:) kahit hindi physically pero at least emotionally...

teJan said...

you are the best sister and a good friend jenny in your own don't mind what others may say..i can see your siblings also look at you as if they are really lucky having you as their sister!

happy CC!

Gin Hansson said...

@tejan..i know..but you know how "they" wanted me to fall down... INGGITIRA kasi..hehehe

Mommy Liz said...

Minsan kasi, kapag tumulong tayo sa tao, we can't help but expect for gratitude from them. we expect them to appreciate what we've done to them, eh may mga taong nakakalimutan magpasalamat di ba? but since they are your family, I guess it's OK. basta tulong lang ng tulong and be proud of what you've done.

Being a friend naman, well..marami kang makikila at makaka salamuha, but it's very few ang makaka close mo talaga.